About the Toon Army Blog

The website aims to do exactly what it says on the tin and is a blog site dedicated to Newcastle United FC offering fans a chance to discuss the current goings on at the football club.

The site was built and is run by me, a lifelong fan and season ticket holder. The aim of the site is not to necessarily regurgitate stories from other sites, I much prefer to give my own views on what is currently happening and then discuss this with other fans of the club or fans of other clubs who are also welcome to contrbute.

Im a big believer in everyone having an opinion so im wanting to have to police and censor the site as little as possible. I don't expect people to agree with me or other users on everything published and if you don't agree then post a reply saying why but try and do it in a constructive way - the aim of the site is for good honest debate. If you want to emphasise your views with some colourful langauge etc then ive got no qualms with that but obviously please be sensible and stick within the general rules of any internet discussion forum - go easy on the offensive language, no personal insults or attacks and no racial, homophobic or libelous comments please - anything along these lines will be deleted and if anyone does spot any such comments that happen to slip through the net onto the site then please use the report buttons on the site to let me know so I can take appropriate action to remove the offending material.

Thats the boring stuff out of the way so please enjoy the site and I look forward to discussing the trials and tribulations of the great club we support with you all.

The site has been online approaching 2 years now and we are looking to really kick it on which can only be done with people contributing and commenting on the articles and spreading the word about us.

Toon Stew (Site Administrator)

New Castle United FC BassBuds