Sick Of The Ashley Analysis

Do Fans Really Need To Nail Their Colours To The Mast On The Owner?

The end of the football season ultimately brings a lot of reflection and analysis on a teams performance from fans and the media alike with end of season awards and reviews replacing the match reports and analysis.

Whilst I like looking back on a season especially if it has been a good one like ours I have to say that one thing I am getting tired of reading about over these last few weeks is articles discussing whether people now like Newcastle owner Mike Ashley now he has delivered an element of success with the club qualifying for Europe. Polls asking whether he is now a good owner etc etc are just uncalled for.

I think it's pretty fickle and short sighted to simply give an opinion on someone based on the performance of one season and that opinion to simply fluctuate based on how the team is doing on the pitch.

For me the performance of a football club, its players, manager and owner is always an ongoing thing and I don't ever think you can give a definite answer on the performance of these kind of people involved in the club.

Fair play to Mike Ashley for what he has done at the club but rather than making any kind of grand gesture towards him saying I love him or I hate him I am going to continue to sit in the same place I have sat for the last couple of years and that is firmly on the fence.

He has made some big mistakes but has also done some very good things for the club which I appreciate and which seem to be building the club some solid foundations but 1 or 2 decent seasons don't suddenly make him some kind of messiah and to be fair to him I don't think he wants to be seen as some kind of messiah he just wants a successfull club which should ultimately mean he is then making some money on his investment.

I'm not telling people to love him or hate him but I just don't think we need this constant analysis of whether he is good or bad - its an ongoing thing and thankfully at the minute he seems to be doing more good than bad which is showing on the pitch and can only be good for the club long term - long may that continue.

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