Good Riddance Wigan

Nice Bit Of Justice As Wigan Relegation Confirmed

As much as I would have loved to have seen Wigan win tonight and keep the Mackems and Villa sweating for a while longer I have to say I did take a lot of enjoyment from seeing Wigan's relegation confirmed.

The fact Callum McManaman left the field on a stretcher made it that little bit sweeter too. Not actually sure what happened, it looked like he may have collided with an advertising board although Arsene Wenger did come out after the game to say that the advertising board wasn't that type of board...

Hopefully sinking down into the Championship might shut Dave Whelan up for a bit and also might dispell all these myths about Roberto Martinez being some kind of magician for finishing in or around the bottom 3 every season.

You play great football - well done, we play crap football but have still finished above you and will be in the Premier League next season.

I hope everyone of them that tried to defend that horrendous tackle by McManaman enjoy Doncaster away next season...

Yes I may sound a bit bitter but after the reaction to the way they cheated their way to victory over us I would say its justified - cheats very rarely prosper.

And before any Wigan fans start I am fully aware we haven't won a trophy for years and you won the FA Cup - given the choice this season though it would be Premier League survival over a cup win all the way for me.

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