Complacent Magpies Devoured By Wolves

Stuttering Home Form Continues As Winning Run Ends

It was almost inevitable and what possessed me to put Newcastle in my weekly accumulator this weekend given that I never do it is beyond me. These are exactly the type of games Newcastle always lose or certainly not win - a 6-0 win for us and a 4-0 defeat for Wolves in midweek once again equalled some fans and players alike turning up to this one thinking it would be a walkover.

How this continues to happen I have no idea. From a fans point of view surely people have seen this scenario pan out enough times over the years not to take what happened in previous games into account and from a players point of view surely all Rafa must have been drilling into them all week is not to be complacent in this one?

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Wolves who I thought played really well and were up and at us from the off and really outmuscled us physically throughout the game and took their chances when they arrived and in truth restricted us to minimal clear cut chances.

That being said though we were awful for the full 90 minutes. Nothing seemed to go right, an own goal and a red card pretty much summing up the day for us.

Under Rafa Benitez people seem to be very forgiving. Whilst I thought some of the slightly muted boos at half and full time were a touch ridiculous given recent results I have to say I also don't agree with the way some fans seem happy to just sweep any defeat under the carpet and put it down to this league being tough with the opinion that "oh well we will lose the odd game here and there".

This wasn't an unlucky loss, we were outfought and outplayed on our home turf for the full 90 minutes and there was a real worrying complacent attitude from some of the players as if after a few wins we can simply rock up and turn teams over. Lascelles, Mbemba, Shelvey, Diame and Gayle in particular were really really poor and looked to simply be going through the motions.

I am not saying players won't have bad games but like I say this didn't seem to just be a bad day at the office - this defeat seemed to stem from an arrogance that needs nipping in the bud asap. Don't agree with the booing but at the same time I don't think performances like this should just be ignored and simply put down as a reality check.

The 2 goals really just summed up the game for us - Mbemba's 29th minute own goal was horrendous. Lascelles lazily allowed the ball to be crossed in and what Mbemba was trying to do as he headed it home I have no idea. Some communication from his goalkeeper might of helped - Matz Sels again failing to convince me he is anywhere near good enough to be our number 1 nor do I think he is a better goalkeeper than Karl Darlow.

The second was probably worse - as we lined up 2 attacking subs on the sideline to come on with a good 30 minutes left on the clock Perez for the umpteenth time this season went down softly on the edge of his own box looking for a free kick that he was never going to get and gifted the ball to Costa who fired home into the corner and effectively ended any chance we had in this one.

This was quite simply an awful game to watch from start to finish. We were poor and the referee was equally as poor breaking up the game for petty things and just making it an even more unwatchable spectacle unless you were a Wolves fan of course as being ahead in the game this played right into their hands.

The sending off of Anita late on for a foul just summed up the referee - if that was a straight red card then we may as all just give up now. Hopefully the club will appeal the decision but as ever that will likely come to nothing even if they do but surely we need to out of principal?

The manager still has some work to do to get us firing on all cylinders and I have to say that I am not sure the constant rotation of players is helping things. I know that is probably very easy to say in hindsight after a defeat but I think it would be nice to see a constant lineup that is given time to gel. Should we really need to change a team that has won 6-0 in the last game which was 4 days previous? I am not so sure.

The League Cup game on Tuesday against the same opposition obviously gives us a quick chance of some kind of redemption so it will be interesting to see what kind of team we put out in that and what kind of performance we put in.

Yes we are still sitting nicely in 3rd position so after 1 defeat there is certainly no panic but at the same time I think the manager certainly needs to be letting the players know that Saturday was not acceptable. We need to sort our home form out and also when not playing well be maybe still picking up draws. At the minute we seem to be either really good or really bad, there is no inbetween which it would be nice to find and I am sure Rafa will be working on that.

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