Wheels Coming Off For Sorry Toon?

No Revenge For Magpies Over Blackburn

I warn you now that I am maybe going to say a few things in this article that some Newcastle fans wont like but todays 2nd 1-0 defeat against Blackburn in the space of about a month felt like a real kick in the teeth.

We look like a team struggling for ideas that are running into the same problems every week and are letting meaningless stats cloud judgement into how we actually performed in games.

Quite simply we were awful today from start to finish and the amount of possession or number at shots on goal shouldnt detract from the fact that we never realistically looked like putting the ball in the oppositions net.

Too many players are going through the motions and not taking responsibility on the ball. This isnt a one off either, this has been a problem for well over a month and well before Shelvey started his ban before anyone starts pointing to that.

Rafa Benitez has done a lot for the club in his time here in terms of re-connecting the club with the fans and changing the attitude around the place but I would stick my neck out and question whether much has actually changed / improved from a footballing perspective?

Are we actually playing any better than we were last season - I would say we probably arent but because we are facing lesser opposition than in the Premier League we are winning games that we were losing in the top flight.

We still dont seem to have any defined pattern to our play, we still seem to have a team full of players that struggle to shoot and we quite clearly still have no plan b and are screwed if we go behind in a game.

I think games like the Norwich game or the QPR game have fooled people a bit - realistically I could count on one hand the number of good performances we have put in so far.

People bang on about points on the board being the key thing yet funnily enough the same people are probably the ones looking at today and saying the fact we had 25 shots on goal makes the result and performance acceptable.

The fact is if you are consistently not playing well then it will eventually catch up with you. In a long hard season you can grind out the odd result and say its the sign of being a good team but putting in as many poor performances as we are this season is not the sign of a good team.

I dont care what anyone says, with the amount of money we have spent and the players we have we should be walking this league.

I keep hearing we have to trust Rafa but I am starting to get to a point where I dont trust a manager that is watching the same failings happen, not doing anything about it and then talking in interviews after like we have been unlucky.

How many times are we going to bring Perez off the bench to save a game, watch him not break a sweat or make a difference but then keep doing it?

His substitutions are embarrassing, giving players a matter of minutes to come on and make any sort of impact - Atsu and Murphy brought on today with us losing with a total of about 4 minutes left.

This isnt some kind of stupid reactional Rafa out rant by any stretch of the imagination but by the same token I am sick of reading people blindly applauding every single thing he does.

We have lost twice in the space of a few weeks to a side in the bottom 3 in the table with the worst defence in the league yet we still seem reluctant to shake anything up or try anything different.

Today was not good enough and on the back of the similarly abysmal performances against the likes of Forest, Sheffield Wednesday etc then there is a real big worry for us going into the new year especially with all the teams behind us seemingly in unstoppable form.

This is where Rafa needs to start earning his corn and I am sure we will see some transfer business done, especially with the African players now unavailable for the forseeable future.

Not a great start to 2017 at all...

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